Friday, October 1, 2010

Touch DJ 2 IPA 2.3.1

Touch DJ offers realtime independent manipulation of 2 MP3/M4A files, including scratching, looping, positioning, equalization, effects and and pitching. The unique futuristic user-friendly interface of Touch DJ and the highly advanced zero-latency sound engine bring fantastic results comparable to what can be done with professional hardware equipment worth at least $1000.
Traditionally iPhone and iPod Touch have only one stereo audio output which limits the possibility of using them as a DJ device. Touch DJ overcomes this limitation by offering innovative and unique way of deejaying which doesn’t require additional headphones for prelistening to the tracks.
This technology is called “visual mixing” and it implies the graphic display of the track waveforms next to each other. The low-bass (kick) parts are detected and rendered in different color compared to the rest sonic frequencies, making beatmatching as easy as adjusting the tracks position and pitch so that the kick parts become visually matched.
Touch DJ is not a toy, it’s a completely new way to create stunning DJ mixes whenever you like. You can touch and feel your tracks, move around them, scratch them, EQ them, loop them, and mix them even without prelistening.
As a bonus, Touch DJ is shipped with 25 dance tracks provided by so that you will be able to start jamming away instantly.

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