Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fall of Atlantis 2.0 For iPhone

"A puzzle game with a nice story line and fun gameplay" - Touchaholics (4/5)

Welcome to the new and improved edition of Fall of Atlantis. The game has been reworked completely and everything has been upgraded.

The game is a merger between platforming and the classic Bust-A-Move game (Puzzle Bobble/Snoods).

In Fall of Atlantis you take on the role as Atlas, the King of Atlantis, to save your beloved kingdom from destruction.

- Fall of Atlantis is based on classic gameplay. It is easy to learn but will at the same time give veteran players something new to try.

- Battle greek mythological creatures for the control of Atlantis!

- A whole puzzle mode is included with over 50 unique puzzles. It is perfect for people who wants to play something quickly.

- For the adamant defenders of Atlantis there is also a full list of unlockables such as achievements, a soundtrack as well as additional puzzles!

What are you waiting for? Atlantis needs your help today!

Also Available from Spearhead Entertainment:
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