Thursday, September 30, 2010

AD HelpDesk IPA App Version 1.11

AD HelpDesk IPA App Version 1.11AD HelpDesk IPA App Version 1.11
AD Help Desk allows secure password reset and account modification of user accounts stored in Microsoft's Active Directory. AD Help Desk is focused specifically upon the kind of tasks that are most common for help desk employees streamlining those workflows so that they take only a few seconds to complete.

AD Help Desk focuses on the some of the most common Active Directory related help desk tasks. The narrow focus of the product keeps the interface uncluttered and helps ensure theses very common workflows can be quickly accomplished:

Password Reset
Forcing password reset at next login
Finding locked accounts
Unlocking accounts
Disabling user or computer accounts
Enabling disabled user or computer accounts
Ability to notify users of their new password via text message (iPhone only).
What's new in Version 1.11
Fix a problem with password resets in environments where DNS is not working.

IPA size 1.9 MB
REQUIREMENTS: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch. Requires iOS 4.0 or later. 


  1. Honestly a cracked IPA of AD HelpDesk? There is a free version available for evaluation. It is called "AD HelpDesk Lite". This doesn't even give you the oft used excuse of "I didn't want to pay for it not knowing if it would be useful".

    Just download AD HelpDesk Lite through the app store for your evaluation purposes.

  2. I'll upgrade the link soon john


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