Friday, October 1, 2010

Battery Doctor Pro - Max Your Battery Life v3.9 WORKING

The app can display the "remaining time" statistics of your iPhone/iPod battery life in hours and minutes. The data is calculated based on your specific device model, and the source of information is from Wikipedia, Apple official Website and our Lab testing result, making it more accurate than other battery apps.

It supports the following device models:
- iPhone 2G
- iPhone 3G
- iPhone 3GS
- iPod 1st Gen
- iPod 2nd Gen
- iPod 3rd Gen

It can show the usage of your iPhone/iPod in Hours and Minutes:
- Talk time on 2G Mode
- Talk time on 3G Mode
- Wi-Fi Internet Browsing Time
- 3G Internet Browsing Time
- Video Playback Time
- Audio Playback Time
- Game Time
- Standby Time

(NEW!) It provides 20+ battery icon themes: you can lock Theme avoid changing by accident swiping. Go About page and set the Lock Theme ON.
Let your battery RUN DOWN to at least 20% (Do not drain it completely, because energy is still needed to run Battery Doctor during the charging process). Then LAUNCH Battery Doctor app from home screen, and PLUG in the charger cable, and Battery Doctor will do the rest for you.

If you set the ALARM on, the app will pop up a notification message with sound to you when the Full Cycle Charge is completed.

Every month, this app will display a badge on Maintenance Icon, which reminds you to have Full Cycle Charge at least once per month. If you have had Full Cycle Charge at least once in that month, the reminding badge will be removed and schedule the next month.

(NEW!) After Normal Charge or Full Cycle Charge, it will perform maintenance by Trickle Charge. It can help max your battery capacity. You can set the Trickle Charge time at About page.

(NEW!) Sometimes, end users are trying to do Full Cycle Charge but failed because of interruption. Now, we can support continue charging even you unplug cable and plug it again. But be sure you still run the app.

►LOG◄ (NEW!)
Keep tracking the your charge history by graph everyday. Swipe left/right to see the history date. It will also summarize your Normal Charge counting and Full Cycle Charge counting.

It’s very important for you to check how many charging time you have done and your history charging info of that. The data will be refreshed by next launching.

More information on how to set your iPod/iPhone to extend the battery life, Follow the instructions, and setup your device. Then your battery life will be longer than before.

Buy it now before the price goes up and enjoy the FREE updates! Thank you!

What's new

1. Optimize the iPhone 4 Retina UI, and reduce the binary size (NEW!)
2. Optimize loading time of theme (NEW!)
3. Add more themes (NEW!)
4. Add new language support: Danish and Turkish (NEW!)
5. Improve the translations: Finnish, German (NEW!)
6. Fix bug - Overnight Charge was seprated into 2 normal charging
7. Fix bug - Log will display error date after changed region format.

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