Tuesday, October 12, 2010

aCar Pro v2.2.0 (Android)

Requirements: Android 1.5 or later
Overview: aCar is a handy tool for your Android supported device to effectively track the maintenance, fuel mileage and expenses of your vehicles. Whether you want to track the fuel mileage or the expenses of your vehicle, or to simply know if your vehicle operates at its peak, or just want a reminder for maintenance services of your vehicle (be it changing engine oil, air filter, oil filter, or inspection, wheel alignment, etc), aCar is the right tool for you.

v2.2.0 - October 01, 2010
[New Feature] Added support for Trip (Business Mileage) tracking.
[New Feature] Added support for general Expense tracking for vehicles (Registration, Parking, Tolls, etc).
[Enhancement] Further support for importing trip records from Auto 3in1 application.
[Enhancement] Display and input of Time is now according to the system 24-Hour setting.
[Enhancement] Minor user interface improvements.
[Bug-Fix] Reminders Center crashes when some service reminders are not active.
Tracking gas mileage and vehicle maintenance
Multiple vehicles support
Storing vehicle details (Make, Model, License Plate, etc.)
Supporting several international units: MPG (US, Canada & Imperial), gal/100mi (US & Imperial), mi/L, km/gal (US & Imperial), L/100km, km/L
Service reminders for vehicles (both time and mileage based); will be posted on your phone status bar. They can be separately customized for each vehicle
Powerful searching and filtering
Thorough statistics of your vehicles at a glance
Exposing your data as graphical charts: Fuel Efficiency, Fuel Price, Fuel Expenses, Service Expenses (Pro Feature!)
Comparison charts for your vehicles and the fuel octanes you're using (Pro Feature!)
Full manual/automatic data and application settings backup/restore (Pro Feature!)
Importing data from various sources: Mileage application, Road Trip application, Auto 3in1 application, Fuelly.com,
FuelFrog.com and any plain Excel compatible CSV file (Pro Feature!)
Exporting data to Excel compatible CSV format (Pro Feature!)

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