Sunday, October 17, 2010

iAnnotate PDF 1.3 iPhone and iPod Touch

iAnnotate is an elegant PDF reader and a powerful annotation tool -- and consistently one of the best-selling apps for the iPad. You can open documents from email, sign and send out contracts, enter notes for edits, sketch diagrams, copy text, and add highlights or underline with the drag of a finger! Join the thousands of students, researchers, lawyers, doctors, investors -- and even governments -- that are using iAnnotate every day to go paperless and work from anywhere.

Unlike other apps that only let users draw on top of a PDF, iAnnotate fully integrates its annotations directly into the PDF such that they will be available to any standard PDF readers like Adobe Reader or Preview. You can transfer PDFs via email, iTunes sync, Dropbox, or even clicking any PDF web link in the integrated web browser. Marking up and emailing it right back out couldn't be easier!

iAnnotate is designed for heavy-duty work: the thumbnail-based file manager allows you organize your PDFs by folder and instantly search the full-text of all of your PDFs to find exactly what you're looking for. Customize your toolbars to set up the tools and colors you need, and get rid of tools you don't use. Tabbed browsing makes it easy to work on or refer to several documents simultaneously.


- A complete annotation system: Text Notes, Highlight, Underline, Free-Form Drawing, Stamps, Bookmarks, and more. An intuitive interface allows for viewing and editing annotations without leaving the document reading view.

- Graphical File Manager: Document thumbnails make finding and browsing your library even easier. Create and manage folders, drag and drop files and folders, and perform actions on multiple selected files.

- VGA output: Use the iPad VGA dock connector to display your documents onto an external projector or monitor. Your document view, along with all annotations and popup displays, is mirrored as you navigate and annotate the document. You can also reference documents in other tabs on your iPad, without affecting the presented display.

- Fully Customizable Toolbars: Reposition and resize toolbars, and drag-and-drop to configure tools included on each.

- Tabbed PDF Reading: Quickly switch between multiple open documents. Tab setup and page locations are always remembered, whether switching tabs or quitting and returning to the app. Continuous-scrolling page display with all standard scroll/zoom gestures supported, and full screen reading mode.

- Easy transfer of PDFs: Send and receive PDFs via email, Dropbox, through iTunes sync, by browsing to any PDF link, or using our free desktop transfer software.

- Comprehensive PDF support: Copy-and-paste text, view existing PDF annotations, support for internal and URL links, and PDF outline/bookmarks support. Fully integrates annotations directly into the PDF.

- Document and full-library search: Search your entire PDF library to instantly find all documents with any keyword. Search for new, recent, unread, and annotated documents, or browse using folders.

- APS (Aji PDF Service): Free companion desktop application for easy sync with your existing desktop PDF collection. Recommended for large libraries of documents.

- Aji Support: integrated application help and tips, and top-notch email and forum support.


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