Tuesday, October 12, 2010

TwitBird Premium 2.7.1 IPA for iPhone and iPod touch

NOTE: twitter server is not working correctly for now, twitbird might not work for a while.

*****Top 3 (#1 Twitter client) in Japan and Korea "Social Networking" applications in iTunes app store*****

TwitBird is a fast, flexible, full-featured twitter client for iPhone and iPod Touch. It has a lot of cool features that you see in other twitter apps but rarely together. It offers everything you'd expect for a good twitter client, from your timeline to map search. It is such a powerful twitter client with simple user interface, people will find no difficulties to use all the features.

TwitBird comes in three versions - Free (unpaid, ad-supported, 2 accounts, PUSH capabilities), Premium ($1.99, ad-free, 2 accounts, PUSH capabilities) and Pro ($2.99, ad-free, 16 accounts, PUSH capabilities, iPad-compitable) - all integrating the best features from other twitter apps into a single, stable client. With a simple user interface, you'll have no trouble using TwitBird. See what others are saying about TwitBird in the App Store or on twitter @twitbird
? In-App-Badges to show number of unread tweets
? Landscape mode supported everywhere
? Address Book
? Official Lists supports
? Inline picture preview
? Tweet Music/Now Playing
? Tweet Your Voice
? Tweet Video(3Gs only)
? Save link to readitlater, instapaper or save in twitbird
? Two themes
? Custom background image
? Geotag supports(turned on in twitter.com required)
? mutual follow status between you and a user
? Advanced nearby tweet searching with map

? Inter TwitBird Push comes with the app, it is instant
? Global Push is available as in app purchase, It will push any mentions and direct messages to you in minutes
? Supports Mentions and Direct Messages

? View your twitter timeline, replies, and direct messages
? Manage your favorite tweets
? Browse your following and followers and lists
? Compose new tweets with rich features
? Reply directly to tweets and send direct messages
? Follow and unfollow people or lists
? Twitlonger supports
? Uses secure connection (https)
? Custom searches
? Save your favorite searches
? landscape keyboard
? Conversational Threaded tweets
? Twitter API Proxy
? Rich feature settings
? Trending topics
? View and edit your profile including head image
? Find people
? Email tweets
? Delete tweets from twitter.com
? Picture preview inside message
? Shorten URL
? Upload photo to Twitpic, yFrog, MobyPciture
? Set nearby distance
? Unread/All message filter
? Block/Unblock

For news, supports or feedback, please follow Twitbird on twitter : twitter.com/TwitBird, or send email to service@nibirutech.com
What's new in Version 2.7.1
This is a huge update that we're really excited about releasing! First of all, two great updates to Twitbird:

- Pro and Free versions of Twitbird now both run natively on iPad, and
- Twitbird supports Retina Display for iPhone 4 users

Additionally, many third party services have been going through rough waters since Twitter adopted OAuth. We fixed a number of problems caused by this transition so uploading photos works great now, and we support posting them to Facebook or Flickr now!

For our Global Push users, if you've changed your device or reinstalled Twitbird we now give you the option to restore global push from within Twitbird.

In the options you can now toggle "Read Tweets" on and off in the settings menu. This will have tweets be read aloud to you if you enable it!

For our users who rely on a proxy to access Twitter, you can download our customized "Birdnest" and deploy it on Google App Engine. The API proxy in Twitbird is working again! Download it here: birdnest-twitbird - Project Hosting on Google Code

Huge thanks to all of our users and as always, don't hesitate to contact us at service@nibirutech.com with questions, feedback or assistance.

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