Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Stop Vuvuzela - noise removal tool 1.0 IPA for iPhone iPad and iPod touch

Stop Vuvuzela - noise removal tool
Cate: Utilities
Price: $1.99

Does the silly noise of vuvuzelas annoy every time you attempt to watch a football match? Are you bored of not being able to listen to the match because of the never ending vuvuzelas? This app provides a wave with the same amplitude of vuvuzela sound but with an inverted phase. This technique is able to cancel only the vuvuzela sound within the audio from tv and radio speakers.
Put your iPhone or iPod Touch next to your TV or radio speakers. Switch the de-vuvuzeler on and balance the gain in order to have the same volume as the TV or radio. Prepare yourself to enjoy the matches withouth any vuvuzelas noise!
Moreover, play a proper virtual noisy vuvuzela simply going to "Play Vuvuzela" area!


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