Video Edit is the quickest way to edit video on the iPhone 4 & iPhone 3GS. Hurry! Introductory price of $1.99 will end on August 14, 2010.

Milestones: August 7, 2010

In the Paid Photography Category (based on Popularity) Video Edit reached:

Top 10 Germany
Top 20 Canada
Top 30 United Kingdom
Top 40 United States

Thanks to everyone that has downloaded the app so far! We’re committed to improving the app and addressing bug reports.

Significant update to this version .08:

• Added HD 1280 x 720 Rendering for the iPhone 4!
• Fixed application quitting when trying to add a clip to the timeline
• Adding video clips to the iPhone 4 is now even faster!
• iPhone will no longer go to sleep when importing or rendering a clip
• Added instructions on how to delete projects
• Miscellaneous bug fixes

Please submit any bug reports to and we’ll get on it.

Some Advance Reviews:

Just Another iPhone Blog (Web Review):
“Video Edit is a slick little video editing utility that’s so quick and easy to use it might as well be part of the iPhone OS… It’s blazingly fast.”

Insanely Great Mac (Video Review):
“A pretty cool app! VERY fast”

The Next Web – TNW (Web Review)
“Edit your video as fast as you can shoot it with Video Edit… Overall 4/5″

AppAdvice (Web Review)
“The video rendering in this app is extremely fast, but that’s because that’s the purpose – quickly mash up some videos together to share. It does one thing and it does it very well.”

Brenelz (Web Review):
“Designed specifically for speed and ease of use, the developers have removed extraneous features to emphasize the art of storytelling and enable the fastest possible rendering speed.”

We’re convinced that the iPhone is the most convenient way to shoot videos of your family, your friends, your podcast, a concert, or spontaneous event. But a single video clip is often unpolished: it’s jerky in some areas, too long, or just isn’t interesting.

The power of Video Edit is its simplicity to stitch together a series of your BEST video moments and render them for sharing with the people that matter most. We’ve spent over 10-months optimizing Video Edit’s rendering speed so you can create quick, professional videos in minutes.

Video Edit is great for:

• Blogging
• Vacations
• Concerts
• Skate Parks
• Family Events
• Documentaries
• Video Portfolios
• Baby’s First Steps
• Sporting Activities
• Citizen Journalism
• Real Estate Viewings
• Behind the Scenes Footage

Our favourite apps do one thing extremely well and allow you to get on with your day (think stock apps, weather apps, email, texting, etc.)

The philosophy behind Video Edit is that not everyone wants to spend hours editing, creating titles, transitions, and fades on their iPhone. In many cases you just want to shoot, trim, and stitch together a handful of entertaining clips to share online. Video Edit strips away the extraneous and helps you edit clips together quickly using the fastest rendering speed possible on the iPhone.

There is simply no other app on the iPhone today that will enable you to edit and render your videos as quickly at Video Edit.