Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Shooter v1.0 iPhone iPod Touch iPad


Owl Shooter v1.0 CRACKED
Cracked by....:  SLE              Release-Name..:  CR-8DD52.ZIP
Supplied......:  COREPDA          Release-Date..:  2010/09/23
Packaged......:  Bergelmir        Release-Type..:  App
Protection....:  DRM              OS............:  iPhoneOS
Crack/SN......:  Patch            Language......:  English
Rating........:  You decide    Disks.........:  01
This the most Addicting Game on the Appstore Yet
Dodge all the Mice
Loads Of Options
Play in
Use the style you want to play in
- Tilt ( Accelerometer )
- Controls ( Arrows )
Each mice that attacks you, you will then lose a life , you have 5
lives in total, once all lives are gone you will then be brought to
a gameover screen and forced to play again
To Addicting to put down Once you launch this application, you
will be playing for hours
As long as you remain in the game you will get a higher score ,
battle friends, family, anyone And try to beat each other scores
What Are you waiting for this is The Game For You
Just import the .IPA file to iTunes.
Release Name: Owl.Shooter.v1.0.iPhone.iPod.Touch.iPad-COREPDA
Size: 2.81 MB

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