Tuesday, September 28, 2010

iHadith Collection Version 2.1 & Version 2.0 IPA

iHadith Collection
Current version includes

-Improved user interface

-Complete Sahih Bukhari, Sahih
Muslim, Sunan Abu Dawud , Malik's
Muwatta and Hadith Qudsi in the form
of authenticated english translation
by Mohsin Khan

-Classical and Topical views of Books

-Mark your favorite hadiths and
revert back with a single touch

-Contextual Bar that keep
you aware of your current position
with in a certain book or chapter

-Notes taking option provides you the
ability to write your notes,
comments,questions along with any
Hadith for quick reference later

-Integration of TkXel's Social
Connect(TM). You can now share any
Hadith through email or facebook
with your friends and connections
and be part of spreading Islam and

About Hadith

In Islam, the tradition or collection of traditions attributed to the Prophet Muhammad(P.B.U.H) that include his sayings, acts, and approval or disapproval of things.Hadith is revered by Muslims as a major source of religious law and moral guidance.

The various collections of Hadith provide the major source for studying the development of Islam in its first few centuries. This application contains the following collections

- Sahih Bukhari
- Sahih Muslim
- Sunan Abu Dawud
- Malik's Muwatta
- Hadith Qudsi (Hadith Qudsi (or
Sacred Hadith) are a sub-category
of hadith, which are sayings of
Muhammad(P.B.U.H.). Muslims
regard the Hadith Qudsi as the
words of ALLAH, repeated by
Muhammad(P.B.U.H.) and recorded
on the condition of an isnad
(chain of verification by
witness(es) who heard
Muhammad(P.B.U.H.) say the

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This app is uploaded in good faith and we have tried to remain as careful as possible to avoid mistakes and provide content which is agreed by most but please feel free to guide us if you find any objections or missing content

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What's new:

- Bug Fixes



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