Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ring It Up Pro IPA App Version 4.0

Ring It Up Pro IPA App Version 4.0
Ring It Up Pro IPA App Version 4.0 : Invoicing Point of Sale
What's new in Version 4.0
Please send all support requests to support@pingysoft.com instead of posting comments in a review on iTunes. Developers have no way of contacting the customer for any reviews left on the iTunes App Store.
First Generation iPhone/iPod Touch users should skip this update if file import capabilities are important to them. SyncDocs was removed before we realized that iPhoneOS 3.1.3 does not support the iTunes file sharing mechanism. The next version will add SyncDocs support back in. Please accept my apology for this oversight.
Updated the look and feel of the User Interface.
Added a Calendaring feature to book appointments, schedule events etc. This feature ties in with the device's calendar events.
Removed the internal SMTP Client as it was no longer need to send emails without exiting Ring it Up.
Removed SyncDocs Syncing to simplify the data syncing process. Syncing now utilizes the filesharing capability built into iTunes. Files added into the documents directory are now automatically imported or restored upon launch of Ring it Up.
Enhanced the Email based backup & restore feature such that product, contact, and expense images are now saved as part of the backup and will be restored along with the rest of the users data if a restore operation is performed. Users are encourage to routinely backup their data via this mechanism so that if the users device is lost or accidentally deleted, the data can be restored once the device is replaced, or the app is reinstalled.
Added text based templates to facilitate printing to receipt printers when using the HTML templates isn't appropriate. User must disable HTML templates in the Email section of the settings. If receipts/invoices are sent primarily via Email, the HTML templates are preferred method as the formatting can be more finely tuned to the users specifications.
added ability to make items as received on PO tickets. This will keep the inventory from being updated until the purchased items are received.

IPA Size 2.3 MB
REQUIREMENTS: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.


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