Sunday, February 20, 2011

Top Gear: Where's Stig? 1.1 ipa for iPhone

The Stig has finally had enough - enough of the limelight, and more than enough of wannabe speed demons trying to race past him in the fast lane. So he's going under deep cover where no one will ever find him. No one, that is, except maybe you. So travel the world looking for our nameless, faceless hero - plus a few of his Top Gear friends. Maybe he's hidden himself in the darkest jungles of Botswana. Thinks he'll blend in nicely at the North Pole. Or is cleverly keeping a very low profile in the Top Gear studio. Wherever he goes, you'll have fun looking for the elusive, silent, masked hero.

. Brings the popular Where's Stig? parody book to life.

. Filled with irreverent, wacky humour - look closely, because this is not just another hidden object game.

. Features 11 puzzles filled with all your best friends from the Top Gear television show - all cleverly hidden in farthest-flung corners of the globe.

. Go on an adventure, chasing after The Stig from one location to the next, or simply explore each puzzle at your own pace.

. Upload scores to the Where's Stig? leaderboard to compare your performance with other Top Gear fans.

If you experience any performance issues with the App please try resetting your device (hold both the Home and Lock buttons until the screen turns off).

Other Top Gear iPhone apps include the Cool Wall app, the Who is the Stig app and Top Gear Stunt School. We've also just launched the Cool Wall app for the iPad.

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What's New

Update fixes a number of minor bugs and improves performance across all devices.


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