Sunday, October 16, 2011

NDrive Navigation Systems 2011 for Windows Mobile

NDrive Navigation Systems 2011 for Windows Mobile | 572 MB
NDrive Navigation Systems – Navigation Program is designed for PDAs and other portable devices based on platforms Windows Mobile, Android and Symbian. She has a lot of useful and exciting features.
This system helps you easily find interesting owner city, district, street, company or a private home. The menu is so thought out that they were nice and very convenient to use. There are two viewing modes of urban navigation information – 2D and 3D. The program provides voice guidance in several languages, including Russian. After installation and installing the appropriate map for future use, you can add the desired language. This publication supports the version Windows Mobile, Android and Symbian.
. convenience and simplicity of the interface and equipped with a kinetic scrolling;
. voice-guided route chosen;
. function mode display;
. Advanced search facilities;
. input and output of various grades, and other points of the system and GoogleEarth (KML);
. A clear definition of the place of your location using cell towers, subject to activate the Internet.
. “TTS – Text-to-Speech” provides access to a wealth of interesting and informative information about a selected destination and its attractions at any time of day.
. “Signposts” – a function in the upper band PDA screen displays upcoming road signs to guide and more accurate navigation in the mass transport stream.
. “LaneAssitance” graphically displays all the lanes and their directions, including the one on which you are moving at the moment. This is a very useful function in terms of traffic on motorways and highways.
. “OnlinePOIs” allows you to search for new and current locations, regardless of your location, through service likeGoogle.
. “NDriveStore” – feature, which is a kind of online store by going to that you can make purchases and download the necessary maps, enhanced functions, new voices and many more things for more convenient use. After purchasing and registering or cards, all applications can receive and update for free.

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