Monday, March 7, 2011

FitnessBuilder 3.7 - iPhone

iOS 4x ONLY) Be prepared to change your entire concept of what an App can do to transform your fitness lifestyle. FitnessBuilder is the most comprehensive fitness application on the App store. It contains the largest library of exercise images & videos (up to 5,600), the most challenging workouts across all disciplines (up to 758), access to a live personal trainer and a complete set of workout building fitness tools, calculators, tracking and progress features.
. Macworld 4.5 Mouse Rating . Featured in NY Times & Wall Street Journal . Showcased in "O" Oprah Magazine . Recipient of Top Gear of the Year award . "PumpOne is Revolutionary" - Jillian Michaels on Cable News Network

Get Started with LOCATION-based workouts (Gym, Home, Hotel, Outside) and choose a fitness GOAL (Abs, Arms, Bodybuilding, Cardio, Core, Endurance, Flexibility, Full Body, Heart Health, Legs, lower Body, Pilates, Power, Rehabilitation, Sports Conditioning, Stability, Strength, Toning, Upper Body, Weight Loss, Yoga and a difficulty rating for beginners to advanced users). Check out

EQUIPMENT includes Bodyweight, Dumbbells, Barbell, Swiss Ball, Med Ball, Kettlebells, Cables, Gym Machines, Leg Weights, Plates, BOSU, Tubing, Foam Roller, Dyna Disc, Airex Pad, TRX, Wobble Board, and Pilates Ring. Check out for the access levels.

FitnessBuilder has three access levels, depending on your needs:

-EXERCISES & TIPS - Clearest, best quality
-WORKOUT BUILDER - drag & drop workouts
-TRACK - Strength/Cardio, History & Rep Max
-BODY STATS - Weight Tracker, Fit Calcs, more.
-GRAPHS - Exercise, Workout & Body Stats
-FITNESS PLANS - Multi-week, day-by-day
-NEXT Workout intelligence
-SHARE Workouts to friends
-MY PHOTOS tracks before & after changes
-SYNC - Advanced always-on backup
-MULTI-DEVICE - Sync data across iOS
-LOGS - Export, Edit & Share
-SOCIAL - Post progress to Facebook & Twitter
-TIMERS - Workout, Rest, Up, Down & Intervals
-VIDEO & AUDIO - Streaming coaching
-MAPMYFITNESS - Log Integration
-iOS 4 SUPPORT - Mutli-task, Background Sync
-APP SUPPORT - In-App Questions

Standard access is automatic when you download, with no need to ever subscribe or pay anything else. In addition to the above, Standard access comes with the most exercise content on the App Store:
-280 Workouts
-2,300+ Male & Female Exercise images & videos
-Ask a Fitness Question to an exercise physiologist

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  1. Toned Abs could be developed by performing three to five abdominal exercise three to five times a week. Initially a person should start with exercises and repeat them as long as they are comfortable performing it. With the increase in the fitness level the number of exercises can be increased along with the repetitions.


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