Thursday, October 21, 2010

Shadowland: Shades of Black 1.4 iPhone and iPod Touch

Chapter 1
(Chapter 2 link)
Shadowland is a realistic and engaging series of sniper games.
In Shadowland: Shades of Black, you perform various missions for a mysterious clandestine organization. Do you have the moral freedom to work in the shades?
“At last a Sniper game worthy of the iPhone” * Intuitive Controls: It feels like you’re holding the gun, not controlling it (seriously, if you were disappointed with the control scheme of other sniper games, you have to try this one).
* Realistic Trigger Mechanism – squeeze it slowly, steady your hands, hold your breath.
* Gorgeous photo based maps (most taken on location!)
* Realistic sounds
* In-game spotter gives you instructions over the radio.
* 6 maps
Make sure you put on your headphones for this one.
*** Shooting Tips ***
If it is too hard: Make sure you are sitting down, steady your wrists on a table, squeeze the trigger slowly, move your hands (not your body) adjust for left handed use.
Too easy? Try playing standing up, use your weak hand and, for extra credit, play the game on a moving bus.
Touch the (i) button to select map, change control direction and calibrate.
Good Hunting!

What’s New in Version 1.4
You can now download Chapter 2: Fragile Alliance, directly from the credits and settings page.
Also some minor bug fixes

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