Tuesday, October 19, 2010

myLanguage Translator Pro IPA Version 1.6

myLanguage Translator Pro IPA App Version 1.6


Watch a demo video on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WZkk4I__vhs

myLanguage is the premier language translation and learning community. We aim to change the traditional language translation and learning experience by providing applications that are fun, engaging and practical. myLanguage Translator, our flagship application, is the most popular crowd-sourced language translation application available for the iPhone & iPod Touch, with support for other mobile devices in the works..

myLanguage Translator is available in two flavors: a basic version and a Pro version. Both support translation in 53 languages, but the Pro version adds support for Urdu and Latin, transliteration (to represent or spell in the characters of another alphabet) and text to speech capabilities.

Key Features:

► Language/Country "Dialect" Pairing
► Community supported translations by native speakers
► Send translations via email, instant messenger or even text messages using our integrated Copy and Paste
► Transliteration — Helps with reading non-Latin translations & can also assist with Pronunciation.
► Translation History with Search
► Quick Source/Target Language Swap
► Zoom View - Useful for showing translated text in face to face communications.
► Translation a little off? — Help us provide the best translations by rating and suggesting better translations.
► Language not listed? — Quickly contact us within app to request the addition of a specific language — we are continuously adding translation support for the most popular user requested languages.
► 59 Supported Languages – the most in the iTunes App Store!
º Afrikaans
º Albanian
º Arabic
º Armenian
º Azerbaijani
º Basque
º Belarusian
º Bulgarian
º Catalan
º Chinese (Simplified & Traditional)
º Croatian
º Czech
º Danish
º Dutch
º English
º Estonian
º Filipino
º Finnish
º French
º Galician
º Georgian
º German
º Greek
º Haitian Creole
º Hebrew
º Hindi
º Hungarian
º Indonesian
º Icelandic
º Irish
º Italian
º Japanese
º Korean
º Latin* [PRO]
º Latvian
º Lithuanian
º Macedonian
º Malay
º Maltese
º Norwegian
º Persian
º Polish
º Portuguese
º Romanian
º Russian
º Serbian
º Slovak
º Slovenian
º Spanish
º Swahili
º Swedish
º Thai
º Turkish
º Ukrainian
º Urdu* [PRO]
º Vietnamese
º Welsh
º Yiddish

► Listen to translations in 20 Languages in High Quality (HQ) voices! [PRO]
♪ Arabic
♪ Catalan
♪ Czech
♪ Danish
♪ Dutch
♪ English
♪ Finnish
♪ French
♪ German
♪ Greek
♪ Hindi (non-HQ)
♪ Icelandic
♪ Italian
♪ Norwegian
♪ Polish
♪ Portuguese
♪ Russian
♪ Spanish
♪ Swedish
♪ Turkish

Note: myLanguage Translator currently requires a data connection to perform translations and downloading of synthesized audio (TTS - Text to Speech).

For updates and current status' of our service, stay connected and become a fan of our Facebook page @ http://www.facebook.com/myLanguage

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IPA size 2.5 MB
REQUIREMENTS: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later

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