Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Muzik 3.1.1 IPA For iPhone and iPod Touch

Muzik for iPhone and iPod touch is back! After several updates to the 2.x version of the software, I felt it was time to take it down, give it a bit of a hiatus and eventually breathe new life into the application.

Muzik 3.0 for iPhone and iPod Touch includes several modifications that will make your overall experience of Muzik a better one.


Themes: Themes in Muzik 3.0 have been de-gloomified. No longer do the themes seem dark, derelict and boring. Now they're the life of the party. They've also been re-designed.

Player: Player in Muzik 3.0 was given a facelift also, gone is the black and white based area of the application. The backing of the Player is now supported by your chosen theme in the themes menu.

Search: Search was given a reboot as well. The theme now applies to the search menu as well! Having the theme reach so many areas of Muzik 3.0 makes your Muzik experience all the more ultimate.

Menu: The Main Menu in Muzik 3.0 went through many changes before the original design was once again chosen. However I did not leave it completely untouched.

Volume: Gone is the repetitive tapping of the + and - controls in Player to change the volume. Now you just start at the Down key and make a moderately brisk swipe up towards the top of the screen. You'll notice the volume has increased. Just do the reverse to gently lower the volume.

PLEASE NOTE: A slow swipe makes the volume shoot up to high. A slow swipe down returns it to 0. Please be aware of the risks with this feature. I am working to alleviate this issue.

Overall UI Changes: The white text on the dark background created a problem for making the Themes brighter. So, I made sure the text "popped" off the screen, allowing the Themes to remain at their fullest and the text to remain completely legible.

Also refined were the clunky, 2.x control buttons. They seemed poorly resized and oddly placed. Too thick for the elegance of the iPhone. Now they've been slimmed down, re-designed, re-positioned and given a general spruce up for your enjoyment.

Removed Features:

Lyrics: Lyrics have been removed from Muzik 3.0 due to patchy capability in accessing the stored lyrics. This will most likely be returning at a later date.

Up & Coming Features:

Profile: Included but hidden and not enabled in Muzik 3.0 is the ability to register your copy of Muzik. By registering you will have direct-line access to the Bi-annual Muzik Newsletter. You will also be able to hit "Request Feature" and have whatever insane feature you cook up seriously considered for a future release. Cool 'eh?

------------------------------------------------------------ For quick access to all our apps, search for DocWG in the app store! ------------------------------------------------------------
What's new in Version 3.1.1
Initial Bug Fix:
- "now playing..." menu option wouldn't display correctly on the Retina Display.

- Transitions between views have been re-added, initially removed for testing purposes.


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