Saturday, September 18, 2010

Mover - Iphone

Mover is a photo and contact sharing application for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

In order to utilise this application to its full potential, you must first be connected to the same wireless network as the device you wish to share with. Each user also must have the application running as well.

When you first start the app, you will be greeted with a blank, white, background. On the toolbar, a "+" symbol and an "edit" button is given. On the edges of the screen is where other local devices will be listed that are currently using the application. Tapping the "+" symbol will allow you to add images from your photo library, or contact information from your address book. After selecting an image or a contact, it will be represented by an interactive "card" on the screen. To transfer the card, simply "flick" it to one of the walls that has a device name on it.
The transfer will begin immediately, and it is very important that you do not exit the application, as doing so could cancel the transfer or freeze your device completely. Once you receive a card, the card will slide in and will automatically be saved into your address book or photo library. Deleting cards is achieved by tapping the "edit" option, then tapping the card you wish to delete; However, this does not delete the information from your photo library or address book, as you will have to do this manually.

The interface for this application is extremely intuitive. The interactive cards and the ability to "flick" them in order to send them to another device is understood almost universally. A feature that I wish was included in this application is the ability to interact with the cards via multi-touch; Oftentimes, I found myself trying to rotate or re-size a card by dragging both corners as you would in Safari. The biggest issue that I encountered while reviewing is that while sending large image files, if one device exits, the other will freeze and would be unusable until it has restarted completely. Another small, but annoying, issue that I encountered was that I could not send some contact information; while some contacts may be sent and received, others simply could not. As this app is free, I recommend it to those who need a simple way to share photos and contacts with their friends. Even if you don't have friends who own an iPhone or an iPod Touch, this app could still become useful in exchanging information with a complete stranger.


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