Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Super Street Fighter IV Guide 1.2

The Super Street Fighter IV Guide is your mobile gaming guide to the legendary Super Street Fighter IV for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 console. This guide lets you explore areas of the game in a convenient and easy to use mobile Application.


• Full character lists, including the 10 additional characters found in Super Street Fighter IV
• Character Biographies
• The most important move lists for each character, including each Super, Ultra I and Ultra II move
• Character combo lists, which explains the order of the combo and its effectiveness.
• Strategy tips on gameplay for the beginner through to the advanced Street Fighter IV player. Featuring gameplay rundowns, to defence rankings for each player
• Full Achievement and Trophy lists
• Unlockable award lists and charts
• Official trailers and fan videos for the game, with more to come via updates
• Game Guide Forum for users to ask questions on the game and answer questions left by other users of the Application.
• Super Street Fighter IV Gallery, view character artwork and use as wallpapers for your device

Everything you will need will be covered in this Application. There will be no need to run off or pause the game to check for character moves, advice, achievement or trophy information, everything will be available in the palm of your hand.

This application uses a Wi-Fi or Data network for certain areas of its content. Please make sure you have a stable Internet connection before launching this application. Please feel free to use our inbuilt feedback form to send us your tips, walkthroughs, video links and gallery fan art, as well as comments, feedback and suggestions that you would like to see in future updates of this application

Legal Disclaimer:
This guide is not an official guide or connected to the game's developer or publisher. All in-game descriptions, characters, locations, imagery and videos of game's content are copyright to their respective owners and usage for this game guide falls within fair use guidelines. This guide is intended purely for the love of the game and aid further skill development and exploration of the game.

What's New in Version 1.2

- Game Guide Branding
- Engine Update & Bug Fixes
- Updated Ticker- Updated Twitter
- VIdeo Layout Updated


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