Friday, February 25, 2011

Thief PRO 1.1 for iPhone


Get the original safe cracking puzzle game for the iPhone,iPod Touch, and iPad! Now permanently on sale for just $0.99

Amass your fortune as a thief by solving addicting and increasingly challenging code puzzles to steal the loot in the safes. We bet you can't crack just one!

? Four completely unique safe types: Combo Lock, Word, Music, and Number Safes

? Beat the clock: the faster you can crack the code, the more the safe pays out in loot!

? Steal more valuable loot as you progress and hone your skills as a thief

? Extensive loot system: 20 categories of loot and hundreds of unique objects to collect from safes. You never know what you will find in the safe.

? Join over 2500 players currently competing to be the top earning Thief! Openfeint leaderboards and over 800 achievement points

? Challenge memory, logic, and sudoku-style deductive reasoning. Thief takes mastermind-style codebreaking to the next level.

? Challenge yourself with hard or medium mode and earn powerful loot multipliers!

? New safe types in development, with Lockpick safe coming soon.

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