Monday, February 28, 2011

iSmsInfinity 1.2.4 (iPhone)

iSmsInfinity 1.2.4 (iPhone)
iSmsInfinity 1.2.4
BUSINESS USERS: read at the bottom.
iSmsInfinity allows you to send SMS text and MMS for free to all Vodafone customers Italians through the services available on site, with a simple, intuitive and above all functional.
You will not need to insert that annoying captcha code, the application will automatically recognize it for you!
? 20 SMS per day from today through SMS services via the Web and via SMS Widget! (Only for those with a SIM registered on the website
And for all those who are not registered with the site vodafone? You will, however, available to Vodafone customers MMS endless!
? Send SMS and MMS text;
? Send to multiple recipients;
? landscape mode;
? Automatic Recognition of captcha code;
? Database messages;
? Automatic signature for MMS;
? Sound and Vibration Post.
? The sender’s MMS is static and therefore can not be changed.
? The program is based on site services Any changes in the site or disruptions in the future may not allow the application to fail, that where possible, will be updated as soon as possible.
Of course, being online services, the application connects to the Internet (WiFi or 3G) in order to use these services. Make sure you know your data plan to connect to the internet if you want to use the application with 3G connection.
Requires firmware> = 4.0
————————————————– —-
************************************************** *********
Twitter: @ ttechit
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? BUGS: No bugs currently found for this release.
? FAQ: Enter a number manually:
As written in the composition window is first opened, to enter a number manually, simply type it without spaces and no country code, and eventually add a space. If the number is correct, will be highlighted as a contact.
? NOTE: If you have a problem, before entering a negative comment, please contact me via the email form in your application in “About> Report a Problem” ? business users: it was found that the application does not work for business users. Then the application is to be considered effective only for home users.
If someone (business users) want to cooperate to make the application with this kind of people (I refer mainly to those who have already bought the application), please contact me as soon as possible.
What’s new in Version 1.2.4
- Universal application: support iPad;
- Retina Display (this time without bugs);
- GameCenter: partial support for a ranking of who is sending more messages;
- Ability to insert accented letters and send sensitive (for SMS)
- Many bug fixes;
BUSINESS USERS: If you are interested in making compatible iSmsInfinity for Business customers, please contact me via the “Report a Problem” in “About”.
If you like this application, help updating or simply leaving your review!
If you have a problem, before entering a negative comment, please contact me via the email form in your application in “About> Report a problem.” It is not possible to contact the programmers who write the reviews.

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