Monday, October 11, 2010

STRAINS Pro 1.2 IPA iPhone and iPod touch

- - An Advanced Breeder's Guide to Distinctive Cannabis. - - **SALE-Regular $2.99**
Covers Strains from breeders Nevil, Sensi Seed Bank, Green House Seeds, DJ Short, TGA Subcool and Stoney Girl Gardens. (more being added)

Strains are nicely organized with complete profiles covering genetics, breeder, origin, character, flavor, Growth dynamics, THC, CBD, CBG, Medical uses and effects. This is by far the most comprehensive Strain app in the app store today.

v Strains organized by Breeder
v A-Z section to view all strains in the app (color coded by breeder)
v Two more key sections coming in future updates for educational purposes!
(confidential till available)

-- (High Def images) optimized for iPhone 4 Retina Display & iPad!!!!
-- Rotate screen to landscape and enter full screen gallery for each strain...
-- more pics to come with each update!

+ FULL iPad Optimization NOW available.
This version is optimized to run on both iPhone 4 and iPad. GET THIS VERSION NOW to enjoy a universal app at this incredible price.

Regular Price: $2.99 (iPad Optimized)
SALE: $1.99

next update v1.3:
full catalogs from:
Oaksterdam Nursery
TGA Subcool

TO THE REVIEWERS: Thank you for the 5 star Reviews!!!! I am listening to all the reviews and emails. The app is now a universal iPhone/iPad app. A long list of strains and features are being added. You will not need any other strain app after a few more updates, GUARANTEED!!!!

Thanks again!

Strains Pro
What's new in Version 1.2
v fixes setting preventing iOS 3.0 to 3.1.3 from buying and downloading updates.
v Added Cali Connection 2010 Strains


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